This film is a documentary describing the young boy, Ito, and his trip into the city which eventually leads him to buying a gift to improve his kite flying. Through it, the landscape of Japan’s growing industry is expressed, modern clothes and attire reflective of the past are worn while industrial wonders like the electronic train are used for transportation.

Despite these examples of modernization, tradition is still a core aspect of Japanese culture. This is shown through Ito and his family farming rice in fields, eating together as a family, and the Children’s Festival where children share their toys which also demonstrate classic values of courage and a strong work ethic since the the toys embody classic figures Japanese Folklore. This video is provided by the MichaelRogge channel on YouTube, which features video documentaries from many different countries including Japan, China, and Finland among others.

The video helped me to appreciate the progress and traditional roots expressed in Japanese culture, I was aware of them through reading but Ito’s journey gives these details an organic feel, this was the way people lived back in Japan during the 1960’s. By understanding how things were done in a foreign land in the past can help librarians understand the culture and apply better context for what patrons might want to search fro when it comes to understanding the past. Time is moving forward everywhere in the world for everyone individually, this needs to be understood to know humanity as a whole.


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