The concept of it is very direct and important, all children no matter their beliefs or gender, have a right to be protected and able to reach their best potential. Considering a lot of the things going on in the world, especially when it comes to education, it seems like these rights have been ignored or forgotten. One of the more egregious faults is found in the violation in Article 32, a child’s right to protection that is harmful to them or their education. There are stories all over the world, especially with the rise in demand for products, of children working in sweat shops or worse, forced to build the advanced machines and materials that the rest of the world take for granted.

These rules were developed in 1989, and yet child labor prevention is still a problem in many developing countries. India especially has no minimum age to keep children from being forced into full-time work.The CRC isn’t even ratified in the United States and yet many of its goods come at the price of child labor in other countries. The value of child’s right to safety and education must be enforced by all countries involved in the UN.


2 thoughts on “Week 2: Response to the UN Convention’s Rights of the Child in Child Friendly Language

  1. I also responded to the UN Convention’s Rights of the Child. I was surprised because I did not even know they existed. When I was younger, I thought rights were something you got as an adult. The concept was never fully explained to me that children are born with them. I know I am not the only one who thought this, and I am glad that this topic has been brought to our class’s attention. I believe ignorance is the main reason why so many of these violations have occurred such as the child labor you mentioned. Children are not given the same value as adults are, or else their value is perceived only as workers or extensions of their parent’s will and not as individuals who need to be educated and respected. This attitude, I believe, is at the root of the problem.


    1. I agree, a lack or desire to not consider treating children as individuals who should be capable of achieving individual goals poisons a lot of opportunities for children. Hopefully addressing them will clear the fog and help get these children better opportunities


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