The article presented by Morgan Boyle about the Children’s Crusade surprised me. It focuses on the struggle for equality that developed into the Civil Rights movement, a fight for equal rights in the United States for African Americans. Children marched from school to church and on the march back were assaulted by police, because the act of black people standing together, even children, was apparently deemed a threat and attacked as such. Though things have improved, there is still derisive attitudes that indirectly and directly threaten children and their ability to grow in this country and must be challenged to be better than the scars of the past.

Another article, presented by Rafael Ortiz, discussing the merits of Venezuelan music programs for children was very interesting. I like the idea of having children work towards a goal that demands developing creative skills. This is something that needs to be promoted in libraries as well as in classrooms so that the development of children is better improved on. The best part is how all the students are required to participate, no one is left out and some even go on to be musicians in grand choruses. These programs must be promoted


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