Brill, M. T. 2006. Barack Obama: Working to Make a Difference. Minneapolis. Millbrook Press. Biography Book.

Carle, E. 2013. Friends. New York, NY. Philomel Books. Simple Book.

DiMartino, M. D., and Konietzko, B. 2006. Avatar: The Last Airbender. Los Angeles, CA.  TokyoPop. Graphic Novel.

Honoree, C. 2009. Shape by Shape. New York, NY. Little Simon. Shape’s Book.

Martin Jr., B. , Sampson, M., and Ehlert, L. 2004. Chicka Chicka: 1. 2. 3. New York, NY. Simon & Shuster Books For Young Readers. Counting Book.

Pallotta, J. and Biedrzycki, D. 2001. Underwater Counting. Watertown, MA. Charlesbridge. Counting Book.

Scieszka, J. 2007. Time Warp Trio: The High And The Flighty. New York, NY. HarperCollins Publishers. A Reading Alone, Level 3, Book.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 2002. Museum ABC. New York, NY. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. ABC’s Book.

Tullet, H. 2010. Press Here. San Francisco, CA. Shape and Interactive Book.

Verne, J., adapted by Dauvillier, L., and Soleilhac, A. 2011. Around The World In 80 Days. New York, NY. Papercutz. Graphic Novels.

Wilson, S. 2009. Shapes That Roll. Maplewood, NJ. Blue Apple Books. Shapes Book.

Two Books that stand out to me are Herve Tullet’s Press Here (2010) and Eric Carle’s Friends (2013).They each portray narratives that can entertain and educate children through visuals.

Carle’s book focuses on a young boy’s adventure to seek out his friend who had moved away. The journey takes him over mountains, through dark woods, and even into the clouds (Carle, 2013). This is based on a true story of girl that Carle knew who was a good friend to who moved away. The use of art, colors, and visuals immerse the reader in the boy’s jounrey to finding his friend.

Tullet’s Press Here (2010) is the most interactive children’s book I have seen. It asks the kids to affect the story. This is done by having the kids press, rub, shake, and clap to the book’s instructions (Tullet, 2010). Colors appear as a result and multiple circles are formed as the book goes along, making it perfect for both teaching colors and counting. The book also helps teach children the merits of following instructions which will help later on in academics.


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