I found five blogs that present unique perspectives when it comes to libraries and show ideas that can help the profession.

One of these blogs is The Unquiet Librarian, a WordPress blog by Buffy J. Hamilton, a Title I Writing Teacher in Gainsville, Georgia. Her blog presents a hands-on experience to incorporating programs that promote literacy in her library and the changes made to make the environment more structurally sound for self-education.

Another blog I found was KIDLITOSPHERE CENTRAL, a site that promotes an interest in childhood literacy through sharing of information about new titles. This done through linked sites like the Blog Carnivals that collect on specific authors, genres, and other literary subjects of interest to children.

Three blogs I found share a lot in common with these two, the one’s run by Ann, Amanda, and Morgan. Ann’s deals with book reviews for Children’s and Teens Literature and has posts that are of interest for those seeking librarianship when it comes to helping children and teenage patrons. Amanda Pagan’s blog features posts that review recently published items and classic picture books. Morgan’s blog features reviews of children’s literature as well as a video discussing The Children’s Crusade, a historic moment when a walk to the local library from school and back forced African-American Children to be confronted by intolerance and proved to be the stepping stones towards the Civil Rights Movement.

The reason I chose these five blogs is because while discuss different types of books or programs, they all express a common interest in spreading literacy to children and young adults. These are important sites to highlight significant ideas in librarianship and literature that are helpful for anyone interested in pursing the profession with an interest in guiding young minds.




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