Sleeping Beauty (1959)Walt Disney Pictures

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A classic from Disney that for many is ideal image that comes to mind whenever the story is brought up. The visuals, coloring, and a brief meeting between Princess Aurora and Prince Philip gives a little more backstory as to the eventual romance and even gives the Fairy, Maleficent, more screen time to highlight the length of her evil nature.

A review of the film can be found here


Maleficent, Walt Disney Pictures (2014)

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A live-action film that inverts the initial stories premise, a narrative where Maleficent is the focus. It does bring in factors from other tales, how the king’s cruelty and carelessness causes more harm, but adds a curious mother-daughter relationship between Maleficent and Princess Aurora with the Prince barely in the story. It creates a more female-centered story than in the past narrative that can be of interest for people interested in a story where women have more agency.

A review of it can be found here


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