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Mo, Willems. Let’s Go for a Drive. Disney-Hyperion, 2012. 64 pages. Tr. $7.99, 978-1423164821

Recommended Grade: PreK and up.

The read aloud was an interesting experience. I rambled a bit, but the overall presentation seemed decent. The read aloud was intended for a reading audience of children between the ages of 3 to 5. The biggest problem I ran across was that the repetition of certain patterns as the main characters gathered supplies for their drive that the moment died down doing it twice, especially with the dance of joy at the acquired item. In order to keep the humor and charm for kids, it would be better to combine items in a way that enables the cycle of repetition to only being at two cycles so the rhythm remains solid throughout the read aloud. There is a charm to making a show when reading to others, as long the kids can see the pictures and using high energy, the experience will hopefully be a hopefully be a fun one for the kids too and will promote an interest in seeking similar stories on their own. With these slight adjustments, the read aloud will be phenomenal but the book itself is perfect for reading to kids because of its simple vocabulary and entertaining main character.


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