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This is a book designed for anyone interested in fantastic adventures that nod to literary classics, Dodger (2012). Terry Pratchett, of Disc World fame, created a story where a young scavenger of London’s sewers, Dodger, becomes involved in a international scandal after he saves a young woman one rainy night. This leads him on a path to better himself in the world as he faces off against murderous fiends and a very close shave from Sweeney Todd while an journalist named Charles Dickens scribbles little details about Dodger’s journey as if he plans to use the ideas later on. The books accolades include being nominated in 2013 for the Locas Award for Best Young Adult Literature and Michael L. Printz Award, as well as nominated in 2014 for the Carnegie Medal. This book is perfect for 6th Grade students since Dickens will most likely be discussed in their future English courses and this can act as an introduction to the world that created characters like Dodger. While there is action and danger, the greater message is that everyone has a chance to improve, if they are brave enough to try.

Pratchett, Terry. Dodger. HarperCollins, 2012. 368 Pages. Tr. $9.60. 978-0062009494.

For Grades 6 and up.


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